Hey buddy, I just want to thank you for the excellent job you did at the qualifying on Saturday!  It is gratifying to know there is someone of your abilities serving the church and the Sheepdogs.  Your knowledge and training aptitude is invaluable, and I hope the others are aware of what a blessing it is to have someone like you that willingly donates time and effort to better the group.


I really appreciate all you had to say, and although it has been many years since I was in law enforcement, some of the dust fell off and a few things started coming back.  I look forward to brushing back up on the things I have probably forgotten, and the learning of new techniques I’m sure you are on the leading edge with.  Having years in various assignments and rank, I did serve some time on a SWAT team, so have some experience there.  As a chief, there were admin things that will probably be similar, so if there is anything I can assist with, count me in.


If you wouldn’t mind me tagging along sometime, would love to go the range you mentioned and try to pick up more from you by observation.   Again, can’t thank you enough for your dedication and commitment to what you are doing.


Roddy Q.