Hi Peter,


I just wanted to tell you thank you so very much for the time you put in yesterday for the training / qualifications course.  We are very blessed to have you on our team as a Sheepdog, but we are doubly blessed by all the training that you do and give to each of us.  I don’t know where we would get the kind of training you have so generously been giving to all of us.  I have a feeling that a lot of the sheepdogs don’t realize how much you have done and continue to do.  I’m sure they would thank you also.  I not only learned a lot yesterday, but the discussions gave me a lot to think and pray about.  A lot of what you said was probably things that very few of us, if any, would have thought about on our own.  (I guess that’s why it’s called training. LOL)


Also, I can’t tell you thank you enough for going so far out of your way to get me a holster that would work in my purse.


Thanks again.