New Basic Safe Use of Firearms Course

Spartacus Combatives is pleased to announce a NEW Basic Safe Use of Firearms Course.

This course if being offered as a responsible progression, based on increased demand, to help those individuals that have become frustrated with receiving a ccw certificate thru a PowerPoint class with no actual on range firearm training.

This is a three (3) hour range only (no classroom) course where individuals get to shoot most manufacturers pistols including, FN, Walther, Glock, Springfield, etc.. and most handgun calibers, .380, 9mm, .40, .45, 5.7. This allows the individuals to “try before you buy” manufacturer and caliber instead of becoming frustrated with a poor fitting firearm.

This is an all-inclusive, no hidden costs course where you can learn in a safe comfortable environment with  two (2) highly experienced instructors that will improve your shooting skills, no matter your experience level. All you bring is water, lunch and sunscreen.

Introductory course fee is $75 per person. To schedule your individual, ladies only,  family or group class please CONTACT US.


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