The system focuses specifically on sudden, unanticipated edged weapon attacks when the officer has not consciously prepared to respond. This course is perfect for instructors who are currently teaching edged weapons defense but want to enhance the spontaneous defense aspect of their system. The course can easily be used as a “plug & play” insert for any existing edged weapon system.


The Shocknife SK-2

The Shocknife SK-2 (patented) is an ingenuous balance between safety and performance. The composite blade is incapable of cutting. It delivers a localized shock that causes pain, but not serious injury or incapacitation. The SK-2 has four voltage settings. At its highest setting the SK-2 delivers up to 7,500 volts and less than 1 milliamp. The Shock Activator switch allows the user to control when the shock is delivered.


The Shocknife StressBlade™

Designed as an entry level trainer, the Shocknife® StressBlade™ allows Instructors the ability to add acute stress to their edged weapon training in the most affordable way possible.

Using a standard 9 volt battery, the Shocknife® StressBlade™ delivers a constant shock level of 7,500 volts with a safety factor of less than one milliamp. With only one setting, the Shocknife® StressBlade™ is perfect for use in high stress scenarios.

At half the cost of our professional version, the Shocknife® StressBlade™ puts power within your reach!



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