Zombie Fantasy Training


SPARTACUS COMBATIVES in collaboration with www.reactiontoviolence.com is pleased to announce two new firearms training programs starting the Spring of 2016…more details to follow.

Zombie Fantasy Shotgun Training (Advanced Home Defense Shotgun Combatives) and Zombie Fantasy AR Training (Advanced Assault Rifle Combatives).

Program outlines can be found listed under FIREARMS ACADEMY on the SPARTACUS COMBATIVES  web site. Flyers to be posted shortly.

Offering a safe, educational and fun program,  advanced home defense shotgun and AR training will be conducted at an outdoor private range allowing students to engage paper targets, multiple targets and interactive tactical bleeding Zombie targets in a static, dynamic and reality based environment.

This is a complete course offering safety, shotgun/AR selection, ammo selection, malfunctions, reloading, defense, retention and so much more. Course includes all firearms, ammo, safety equipment, targets, range fees and transportation to the range (Larger groups may require additional transportation).

One exercise includes “taking out” a 30 Zombie target, “destroying the undead”, and can be a great timed team builder!

Best yet, after the courses is completed, students can purchase the entire line of Zombie Tactical targets at the Firearms Academy discount!

For our Law Enforcement and Military clients, targets used in Zombie Fantasy Training, can also be supplied in a modified configuration (non Zombie ) for enhanced reality based training.

Interactive tactical bleeding targets are currently being used by several braches of the armed forces for reality based sniper and troop training.  Their purpose is to help pre condition troops to reduce PTSD.

For more information to host your group, team, or agency, please contact us.