Zombie Fantasy Shotgun Training

Spartacus Combatives in collaboration with www.reactiontoviolence is pleased to announce our new Zombie Fantasy Shotgun Training Courses. The course is based on Advanced Home Defense Shotgun Combatives but presented in a safe, fun and educational format.  Shotguns are one of the best and very  understated home defense firearms due to their incredible psychological impact (size versus pistol), stopping power, variety of ammunition, ease of use and lack of over penetration (with correct ammunition). Peter Haug is quoted as saying “whenever you can make training safe, fun and educational, people will always retain more of the material taught. Increased retention allows for increased safety, confidence and empowerment for when it matters…..the fight for your life!” Further, “There seems to be a current intrigue with Zombies, so we concluded we could use that dynamic to make learning  educational and fun. The best part of the training, even more fun can be had with two or more individuals so teams can compete for accuracy and prizes. What better way to hone safety skills than with a little competition and highly competent one on one instruction.”  After safety and basic training, clients will move to accuracy training, then , at their option will be timed and graded on dispatching 30 Zombie targets with the goal to “Destroy the Undead” as efficiently and timely as possible. And the best part, all safety equipment, firearms, ammunition and targets are included for a try before you buy learning experience.

Upon review of the brochure, please feel free to contact us to set up you individual, team, or corporate team building and help us to DESTROY THE UNDEAD! Group discounts available.

After successful completion of the course, Zombie targets and firearms can also be purchased at a significant discount through our client purchase program, to allow for continued training after the course.