Advanced Pistol Combatives

Spartacus Combatives in collaboration with www.reactiontoviolence is pleased to announce our updated Advanced Pistol Combatives Training Courses. This course will take students to the next level beyond their basic pistol or ccw class and prepare them for the intensive Combat Point Shooting Course.

Presented in a safe, fun and educational format this course will allow students to understand the limits of target shooting and how to hone skills for self defense and personal protection with a firearm in a dynamic reality based format. A clear understanding of the effect of stress on the human body and how this negatively impacts shooting skills is covered in detail. For example, if an individual is stressed and their heart rate rises above 140 – 150 BPM, it’s a proven fact that over 70% of your peripheral vision is lost and you will not be able to focus on your sites even if you tried. Add darkness or low light conditions, and things get worse! So…..what do you do to accurately and successfully hit your target????? How do you successfully change magazines in complete darkness? And much more!

For a complete course description, please see our attached brochure.

All safety equipment, firearms (Students may bring their own), range fees and targets are included for a try before you buy learning experience. Students are only required to bring their own ammunition. (See brochure for further details)

Upon review of the brochure, please feel free to contact us to set up you individual, team, or corporate team building event.  Group discounts are available.