Spartacus History


SPARTACUS was an oppressed Roman slave who lived during the Third Servile War, (73 BCE) during a major slave uprising again the Roman Republic.

SPARTACUS, through mental and physical training rose to become one of history’s most respected and feared gladiators of the time.

Gladiators of the day trained in various weapons and hand to hand combat.

Moving forward, SPARTACUS COMBATIVES best describes the umbrella for the variety of self defense, and personal protection courses offered by the organization for when it matters…..the fight for your life!

Strategic partnerships with ( and Scientific Combatives will continue to bring the highest level of reality based training to our clients.

Many thanks go to Peter Haug Sr, a survivor of one of history’s darkest times, for suggesting the name SPARTACUS COMBATIVES.

We believe in honor, loyalty and perseverance. We give credit to our instructors and the origins of the principles and techniques we teach. These include:

·         Judo

·         Jujitsu

·         Karate

·         Kajukenbo

·         Thai boxing

·         ISR Matrix

·         Tony Blauer

·         PPCT

·         And many more…..

We welcome you to participate in our weekly Monday evening, open to the public classes. We would also be pleased to custom develop specific safety, security and personal protection, self defense seminars for your group, team, facility, bar or institution based on your specific needs.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs!