Please accept this as a formal letter of appreciation regarding the recent training that I completed at your academy. I have completed various courses in the military and I have attended numerous private training facilities and academies as you know I would certainly say that the training I received at your establishment is excellent overall.. Your professionalism and ability to relate tactics and techniques to real world situations was very beneficial to me. I must add that your extensive background supports all the training that we covered.

In a world that now has thousands of self proclaimed ‘counter-terrorism experts’ you are a welcome change. Your past operational experience and knowledge compliment your training centre. It is nice to see Israeli combat systems being instructed by an individual that has dedicated his entire life to combat as opposed to some of the watered down systems instructed by individuals with minimal experience. I hope you continue to maintain such high standards and only pass the students that are deserving of your certificates. All the best to you and the academy.

R.Mitchell EMT-PA